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The Theme of #TBOX2013 is.. AIR TBOX!!!  Register by December 14 for the big event here!

TBOX started out as just a few people going from bar to bar… and there’s nothing wrong with that! As attendance grew from 60 the first year, to 350, to over 1,000, to over 2,000, the issue needed to be addressed… “How do you fit that many people into one bar?”  The answers was… set up teams… with themes!  But then, we switched for TBOX2012 to having the TBOXOPOLY Game Board, where people could pick their own path of 12 venues out of our roster of 43!

TBOX2012 - "TBOXOPOLY" - Chicago Pub Crawl - 12/8/12 - Festa Parties


TBOX2012 Game Board

The TBOX 2012 Official Game Board

 For TBOX2011, The Theme was “CAMP TBOX” – Summer Camp, in Winter!  Participants are split into 6 teams, the “Bunks” of Camp TBOX, each named after one of our favorite breakfast foods…

The Bunks and Schedule of CAMP TBOX, TBOX2011 / 12 Bars of Christmas / Twelve Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl

The Bunks and Schedule of CAMP TBOX, TBOX2011

The Teams are… The Crunchy Captains, The Kooky Cocoas, The Loopy Froots, The Trix-A-Canoes, The Apple Jacks & Jills, and yes… we’ve relented… The Fiber Flies.  Read on to learn more about the Teams from the past, and why we love cereal so much!!!

If you’ve been to Wrigleyville, you know there are quite a few large bars that can accommodate over 1,000 people, but that’s still not enough for TBOX, and we love visiting many of the really cool smaller bars in the area. Starting in 2004, instead of having just 12 straight bars on the route, we designated a 2-hour block as the “Round Robin” – where we split up into 4-6 teams before reuniting as a group. It worked great, and allowed us to do the necessary “load balancing” – but by 2006, even that was not enough. Starting in 2007, we split the ENTIRE CRAWL into 2 Teams, and by 2009, we split the crawl again into FOUR TEAMS, which worked great at TBOX2009 and then again at TBOX2010. As much as we love all 10,000+ people who came to TBOX2010… we can’t fit them all in one building! And if asked what it’s like to party with this many people, with a tip of the cap to Mr. Billy Joel, we say, “It’s Better Than Drinking Alone!”

Being the creative enterprise that we are, we didn’t just leave it at “Team 1, Team 2, Team 3….” or “Red Team, Green Team”, but we incorporated the team concept into the Themes of Each Year’s TBOX. Starting at TBOX12 in 2007, we started really concentrating on having a new and different “Sub-Theme” to each year’s theme. When the coming TBOX is announced, you will have the choice to dress to the year’s theme OR the Christmas theme, and, you and your friends will be assigned to one of the 4 teams.

TBOX12, 2007: Sergeant Pepper’s Parody Theme

TBOX12 was the first TBOX with a “Royal Court Montage” and materials were designated with a theme that was a parody of the old Beatles Album Cover. For more on TBOX12, Click Here!

TBOX12 Logo from 2007TBOX2007 Logo

TBOX2008 followed the theme of the then-popular “Deal or No Deal” game show, with the Royal Court designated as each of the numbered briefcases, and a futuristic look and feel to the event materials. For more on TBOX2008, Click Here.

TBOX2008 "Royal or Not Royal" Theme

TBOX2008 "Royal or Not Royal" Theme

TBOX2009: “TBOX Class of 2009″ High School Yearbook Theme

At TBOX 2009, our theme was the High School Yearbook, Class of 2009. Participants dressed as their favorite high school characters, and our 4 teams were Ridgemont High, Rydell High, Save Ferris, and Bayside Tigers. Royal Court members took on roles including Class Clown, Valedictorian, Head Cheerleader, School Nurse, Rich Kid with a Camaro, School Bully, and Mr. Festa, Principal. For more on TBOX2009, Click Here!

TBOX2009 High School Montage

TBOX2009 High School Montage


Festa Parties - TBOX 2009 High School Teams / 12 Bars of Christmas Bar Crawl in Wrigley

The High School Teams of TBOX 2009

TBOX2010: “It’s A Crawl World After All” Amusement Park Theme

At TBOX2010, Our Theme was “It’s a Crawl World After All” – and Wrigleyville and TBOX were transformed into the world’s most spectacular amusement park… open for one day only! The badges were labeled as “Park Admission”, and each Royal Court Member was designated as a Ride or Something you’d find at an Amusement Park. The teams were the 4 “Lands” of the Amusement Park, Crunchberry Kingdom, TrixTown, Lucky Charmland, and FrootLoopTopia! For more on TBOX2010, Click Here!

The 4 Team Assignment Stickers for TBOX2010

The 4 Team Assignment Stickers for TBOX2010

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