Dressing Properly for TBOX

As hard as it is to believe, TBOX started out as just another Christmas party, just another bar crawl, just another reason to go out drinking. A big part of what has made it much, much more, is the way people Dress Up for The Event. The amazing costumes people come up with, Christmas-Themed, TBOX-Themed, TBOX-Theme-Themed, and Incredibly Random costumes, have added excitement, life, color, pageantry, and THE WOW FACTOR to our little Twelve Bars Of Xmas Pub Crawl.

THE THEME OF TBOX2014 is… TBOX ZOO – The Place for Party Animals! Click Here for Tix/Info and Get Rolling on your ZOO ANIMAL COSTUME!

In the Early Days of TBOX, a few people maybe wore a Santa Hat, a red sweater here or there, maybe some other funny hat or t-shirt. Look at the old pictures… you might not even recognize it as a TBOX!  But starting around TBOX7 in 2002, a few people wore Santa Suits, some sexy female santa dresses, and maybe just a hint of bling here or there. 2006 was the year a couple of people showed up in a Gorilla Suit and dressed as a Giant Lemon. And then in 2007, it was ON. We reached the tipping point where the vast majority of people were wearing CRAZY Costumes, and they just kept getting more and more elaborate and creative. If you’re thinking of coming to TBOX, your minimum guideline should be… if you’re wearing something you’d wear out to a normal night at a bar or party… you are underdressed! People need to be STARING at you the minute you leave the house, or you are just not bringing it! Basically, you can dress one of 4 ways that we recommend:

Straight-Up Christmas Theme – This did all start as a Christmas party! Dress like Santa, or Sexy Santa Girls, or Elves, or Reindeer, or Candy Canes, or Christmas Trees, or Gifts. Do it up and make the most of it!


Culture of TBOX / Yearly Theme - If you know the ropes of TBOX, you can dress toward the quirky unique things about TBOX… like a Cereal-Themed Costume… or something having to do with stickers, or going wire to wire, or with you being a TBOX Virgin, or a First-TIme Pub Crawler. You can have a group costume with as many of your friends as you like to help you stand out in the crowd and really make an impression. Also, you can dress toward THIS YEAR’S TBOX THEME. With the High School Yearbook theme in TBOX2009, people dressed like cheerleaders, football players, the science teacher, the school bully, a whole group from Rydell High… you name it. With the TBOX2010 Amusement Park theme, people dressed like Rides, Attractions, and other things you’d find at Six Flags or Disney World. TBOX2011 was “CAMP TBOX” – Summer Camp in Winter, and featured all the crazy characters you’d find at camp… and TBOX2012 was TBOXOPOLY – the world’s wildest board game!


Random Crazy Theme – We have no problem with you recycling your Halloween Costume if you had a good one… you’ll get to expose it to a huge new audience. The more wild, more colorful, more out of left field, the better. Your imagination is the limit.


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