TBOX Badges & Numbers

What’s with the Badges and Badge Numbers? Why are you wearing a badge, and why does it have a number?

Well, it all started back in 1998 at TBOX3. As we described in “The Early Days of TBOX“, that was the year when attendance jumped from around 60 to over 350. Shocked by the turnout, we decided to start writing numbers on people’s hands to count how many people were there. Soon, it became like, a THING, to get your hand written on, and then, it became a THING to get a cool number, but it was just up to Chris Festa to write the numbers on everyone’s hands, and it became quite laborious.

When TBOX7 was coming,we thought it would be cool to make actual, real, laminated badge to identify people on the crawl. I had some graphic artist type friends help me put the badges together, and I had my friend red-haired Michelle (not LA Michelle) give me 2 Laminating Machines and I had, ahem, some friends who worked in places that had color printers, where those companies “donated” their printing services to the making of said badges. So at TBOX7, we for the first time ever, had these laminated badges, on pieces of Yarn around people’s necks. And it was really cool! And having the Numbers on the badges was now kind of a permanent thing, and LA Michelle became the first person ever to have Badge #0001, and the focus on cool badge numbers planted the seeds for what would become… tada… The Royal Court.

For the next couple of years, our process was basically, get cardstock paper; beg and borrow to try to have the things printed on color printers somewhere; have them cut into quarters and then thirds, laminate them all by hand, then hole punch each one. Again, we want to thank our friend Amir who actually did donate his printing services to helping us out from 2003-2005!

But at TBOX12, we finally began having our sponsor work with us to custom-create the plastic badges professionally, numbered and everything, in the format you see today. We strive now to make the badges a souvenir and keepsake showing that you’ve been to the world’s most spectacular pub crawl – so save your old badges in a place of honor! At TBOX8 thru TBOX11, we had scavenger hunts to find as many people with badges whose numbers were Prime Numbers, Perfect Squares, Triples, Doubles, or find people with consecutive badge numbers, or line people up with badge numbers that formed a mathematical equation — but after a few drinks — it was just too difficult… still, the numbers are fun, and useful, because, say, you were making out with someone earlier in the day, and you run into them later… is it the same person?? Well, just remember their badge number!  Problem solved! The badges also, of course, constitute your admission to the event. And like any great concert you got a backstage pass to, hold on to your TBOX Badge Forever… so you can tell your grandkids you were there!

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