What in the World is TBOX Anyway?

TBOX (SM) stands for… (T)welve (B)ars (O)f (X)mas, an annual event held the Second Saturday in December in the Wrigleyville Neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. It started out as just another Pub Crawl, and over the years has evolved into one of the largest and most spectacular events of its kind in the world. The event was founded in 1996 by Chicagoan Christopher Festa as a “just for fun” event for a few of his friends from work, and has grown from about 60 people the first year to one of the most successful events of its kind in the world.  TBOX2014, the 19th Annual Twelve Bars of Xmas, is being held on Saturday, December 13, 2014. The Theme of TBOX2014 is “TBOX ZOO”, and will benefit Lakeview Pantry and Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

Originally a sequential tour of 12 bars (based of course on the “12 Days of Christmas” carol), TBOX is now an all-day event, beginning at 8AM and going through closing time (19 hours), and encompassing over 36 bars in the Wrigley area in the 3400-3800 Corridor of Clark and Sheffield, between Roscoe and Grace. Since 2007, the event has started and ended with Opening and Closing Ceremonies and a finale party at the world-famous Cubby Bear at 1059 W. Addison.

The event is now owned and produced by Festa Parties Incorporated.

Festa Parties and Owner Christopher Festa have also donated  and raised over $90,000 in cash, clothing, and other merchandise to local and national charities over the past years of TBOX, including School Street Playlot Project, Lakeview Pantry, Chicago Dance Marathon, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Mercy Home for Children, and the former Lakeview Shelter. A more detailed listing of charitable involvement can be found here.

What has set TBOX apart from similar events is Founder Christopher Festa’s passion, creativity, and commitment to continually expanding and improving the event. It starts insanely early in the morning; people dress up in outrageous costumes; there is cereal flying around everywhere; hundreds of thousands of funny stickers are distributed during the day; VIPs and loyal long-time attendees are pompously awarded the designation of being on “The Royal Court”; each year’s event now has a funny and relevant theme to add a new spin to the proceedings; and Mr. Festa and his cohorts continually promote the event year-round, at ALL TIMES knowing exactly “How Many Days ‘Til TBOX?” We’re glad you’re interested in TBOX, and can’t wait to see you at this year’s edition! It’s a mind-blowing, life-changing phenomenon, and something you have to experience for yourself to truly understand. Wire to Wire, Baby!

Everything you need to know about TBOX!

What in the World is TBOXsm Anyway?

The History of TBOXsm... and How it All Came to Be

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TBOXsm Opening & Closing Ceremonies & "Wire to Wire"

The TBOXsm Royal Court... and How to Get on It

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