TBOX: Festa’s Chicago Twelve Bars Of Xmas Pub Crawl

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#TBOX2014 – Festa’s 19th Annual Twelve Bars of Xmas – The World’s Most Spectacular Pub Crawl – is going to be THE TBOX ZOO! Dress Like Your Favorite PARTY ANIMAL. TBOX2014 is sponsored by Bud Light and will feature Goose Island Beers and Lime-A-Rita Beverages! And if you don’t know what TBOX is, watch this 2-minute video that will get you up to speed! Wire to Wire, Baby!

Twelve Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl in Chicago


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TBOX - Twelve Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl, Chicago, USA

The Theme for TBOX2013 was… AIR TBOX – The World’s Wildest Airline! We partied in Wrigleyville as pilots, stewardesses, dressing like Top Gun, Airplane, Catch Me if You Can, Snakes on a Plane, Pan Am, and we were all about landing strips, the full upright position, patdowns, the mile high club, first class, baggage handling, and everything about Flying!


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Click Below for a Super 4-Minute Video with Highlights from TBOX2011! And if you like it, Please also View Our Short Video on The History of TBOX!

[flashvideo file=images/TBOX_2011_Highlights_Video.flv /]

Everything you need to know about TBOX!

What in the World is TBOXsm Anyway?

The History of TBOXsm... and How it All Came to Be

What's with the Cereal... and Cereal Shots?

Dressing Properly for TBOXsm

TBOXsm Opening & Closing Ceremonies & "Wire to Wire"

The TBOXsm Royal Court... and How to Get on It

TBOXsm Badges & Numbers

Stickers, Stickers and More Stickers!

The TBOXsm Frames

Being a TBOXsm Virgin

TBOXsm Teams & TBOXsm Themes

TBOXsm Photos & Videos

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