3-Legged Pub Crawl

Participants with the Frame at the 3 Legged Pub Crawl!

Festa Parties finally came through to produce the much-talked-about, much-anticipated, “are they really gonna do it?” THREE-LEGGED PUB CRAWL. The inaugural event took place on SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2011 on Southport Avenue in Chicago, and included Lange’s, Southport Lanes & Billiards, SoPo, Schoolyard Tavern, D’Agostino’s Pizza, Mystic Celt, Newport Bar, and our Headquarters Bar, Messner’s Wrigleygrille.  Thanks to everyone who attended and all the participating bars!

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What is the 3LPC???

Festa Parties Owner Chris Festa fondly remembered an event he attended upon first moving to Chicago in the late 90s, a 3-leg pub race that some friends of friends had, that he had the good fortune to get invited to. It used to start with a big pre-party where the 150 or so attendees would draw numbers to find the girl/guy to pair up with. They’d then tie up with bedsheets and do the 3-leg run to 7 bars , chug a draft beer at each one, then end up at a big post-party. It was a blast (oh, the stories!) but the people that had it had to bow out after 1999…

For the years since, the rumors had circulated, “Is Festa going to bring back the 3 Legged Crawl? When are you going to finally do it?” The main hitch was, to think of a way to pull it off that would preserve the fun but make it more like a Real Pub Crawl, and provide more of an opportunity to mix it up, and as our policies dictate, we would NEVER do anything involving you RUNNING and NEVER do anything involving running while consuming alcohol!!! So, here is how it’s going to work.

They Are All Tied Up!

They Are All Tied Up!


HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO WORK: Starting at Bar Number One, we will provide 2 buckets filled with Playing Cards cut in half. The tops for girls, and bottoms for guys. You will pick a card, say, you get the 5 of Hearts. You’ll have 10 minutes to find one of the other people with the other half of a 5 of hearts. We’ll provide a Tying Mechanism for you to tie your legs together, and you will SLOWLY, CAREFULLY, and CALMLY walk to the next bar. After a designated period, we will ring a Cowbell, and you will untie and have a free period (this would be a GREAT time to go to the bathroom btw…) Then, we will have 2 NEW BUCKETS, with NEW DECKS OF CARDS, and you will RE-DRAW and get a NEW PARTNER and do it all over again on your way to the next bar. NOTE: This will be a great event for singles, but, if you are in a couple or part of a couple, or you have any issues about not wanting to throw yourself into this mix, you are TOTALLY WELCOME TO STILL ATTEND and STAY TIED with your wife, husband, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, BFF, as you wish! As usual, we’ll have prizes, stickers, and all the BELLS and WHISTLES that you expect from a FESTA PARTIES EVENT!!!

People Love The Frame

People Love The Frame!

HOW IT ACTUALLY WORKED: Something very, very close to the above :) — but everyone had a blast, and, we will refine the process next year!!

We'll See You Next Year!

We'll See You Next Year!

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