Festa Parties “Stay Royal” Team Completes 2012 Chicago Dance Marathon Charity Event!

On Saturday, March 3 2012, from 8:00AM to 9:06PM, the 7 members of the Festa Parties Team completed the 2012 Chicago Dance Marathon Charity Event benefiting Childrens’ Memorial Hospital. We would like to thank EVERYONE who generously pledged to our team of participants, and of course, thank the 7 members of our team, including Former #1 Tracey Kiefer, Kelli Murphy, Christina Miller, Jessica Harrison, Mark Riemann, and Samantha Elliott. As of the completion of the event, the combined teams raised $312,847.00 and counting!

The event was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Chicago, and featured lots of great music (LMFAO, anyone?? Like 100 times!!!), fun entertainment, trips to Starbucks, Sugar-Free Red Bull, and thanks to Tracey, our hourly progress photo as we finally made it to the end!  Though many of the young ladies on our team are fabulous dancers, Mr. Festa, not wanting to scare the children, eschewed the dance floor but instead contributed 200 pushups throughout the course of the day and is just now regaining use of his arms!  Thanks also to Tracey and Christina who also participated on our team in 2011, and thanks as well to Royal Court Member Katie Kormann, who participated on her team with Citizen Bar, and to Morgan Rohrbach, who has been our tireless and super-energetic liaison with the event, and helped us round up so many of the volunteers who Bar Hosted for TBOX 2010 and TBOX 2011, and will be on board for TBOX2012!  Festa Parties was proud to participate and also to serve as a Silver Sponsor of this year’s event.

Festa Parties - Chicago Dance Marathon Event

Festa Parties - Chicago Dance Marathon Team, March 3, 2012



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