Play “The Cab Game” to Win BeadQuest Tickets!

Wanna Win BeadQuest Tickets?  It’s as easy as hailing a Cab!  For those of you who don’t know, or never noticed, all City of Chicago Cabs have a number, between 1 and 7000. If you see a Double-Digit Cab, it’s good luck… and if you see a single, it’s REALLY Good Luck… like a “Royal” Taxi if you will. If you’d like to win BeadQuest Tickets, keep your eyes open and Snap a Picture THIS WEEK of any single or double digit cabs you see driving around Chicago, and post them HERE TO OUR FACEBOOK WALL!  The Rules are as follows…

1) Must be a City of Chicago Medallion Cab, Number Must Be Clear
2) NO PHOTOSHOPPING!!! / NO CHEATING :) – Judges decisions are final!
3) If you take a picture of a Double-Digit Cab, you win 1 Free BeadQuest Ticket.
4) If you get a picture of a Double-Digit Cab WITH YOU IN THE PICTURE, you win 2 Free BeadQuest Tickets!
5) If you get a picture of a Single-Digit Cab, you win 3 Free BeadQuest Tickets!
6) If you get a picture of a Single-Digit Cab WITH YOU IN THE PICTURE, you win 4 Free BeadQuest Tickets AND 4 Free Cover Your Bases Tickets!

We’ll Award Prizes to the First 10 PEOPLE who send in pictures and post them to our Facebook Wall.  Limit One Winner per person, and once a Cab Number has been posted, that same cab number can’t be used again!  Contest ends Friday, February 3rd at Midnight!

Bead Quest Pub Crawl, Chicago
Cab Number One… “The White Whale”






































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