Renewal of TBOX Royal Vows – Katie Kormann

Once again we have a fine member of the Royal Court renewing her Royal Vows for this year…. She is wearing badge number 19, and she just doesn’t give a hoot about anything but TBOX in December! She is our Owl and she will watch over all the TBOX Campers from high in the trees. Take it away Katie!

“On Saturday, December 10th, I, Katie Kormann, vow to wake up early, drink Miller Lite for breakfast, dress up in my best camping gear, and go wire-to-wire with the best of the best.  I’m so excited for my 4th TBOX (2nd as part of the Royal Court).  Join me in what is sure to be the greatest day you’ll never remember: TBOX2011!

TBOX, Twelve Bars of XMAS, Chicago Pub Crawl, Chicago Bar Crawl, Festa, TBOX 2011

The Lovely TBOX 2011 Owl, Katie Kormann!


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