TBOX2011 Royal Court Candidate: Chris Zahn

Herein and forthwith is the official 2011 Royal Court Application for Chris Zahn, a fine and upstanding, party loving young gentleman who we think will make an excellent Royal Court Member!!! Please vote for him by putting a Like and Comment on the posting on our Facebook Page – Click Here to Like on Facebook.

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TBOX2011 Royal Court Application

Name / Nickname:
Chris Zahn, usually just go by my last name, so much easier.

Hometown  / College:
Aurora Illinois, Southern Illinois University (Carbondale represent!)

Number of TBOX’s You’ve been to / First Year Attended:
2 / 2009

Why Do You Want to Be on The Royal Court, and Why Do You Deserve to Be on the Royal Court?
I think deserve is the wrong word for this. I want to be a part of The Royal Court because at this age anything is possible. And I really, really do not want to look back on this part of my life and think, “man, why didn’t I do as much as I could when I had the chance” On top of that how awesome is it to say, yeah that huge bar crawl in Chicago? I was a part of that. Dumping cereal down people’s throats, dressing up like we were trying out for Let’s Make A Deal, being a big part of something that is a major event. It’s like the first Woodstock, only for bar crawls.

What Do You Like Most About TBOX?
It’s not all about the drinking; it’s about the atmosphere. For 15 hours, its people from everywhere dressed up, having fun, and just being in the moment. So often we (me included) get caught up in the day to day monotony that if you don’t cut loose and go big every once and a while, you’ll go nuts.

What Unique Talents and Personality Traits Would Make You an Outstanding Royal Court Member?
Other than being an amusing countdown photographer (Advent calendars have nothing on me) I can bring mad skill to any karaoke bar in the city. If you doubt, please stop by Murphy’s Bleachers, Friday nights.

What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cereal, and Why?
I have always have had a soft spot for Cocoa Puffs. Reason being, it is probably the only cereal you can get away with using chocolate milk instead of regular milk and not have people think you’re gross.

Are You in a Committed, Monogamous Relationship?
No, but I know a girl who would get really pissed off if she heard me say that… (RIP Mitch Hedberg) Naw, in all seriousness I am not, it makes plans so much easier to make. 

If you met someone who had never been to TBOX, what would you say to convince them to come?
Imagine Homecoming, Halloween, Marti Gras, Black Wednesday, New Year’s Eve, and the week you graduated college all rolled into one day. How could you say no to that?

Are you committed to dressing and acting crazy on the day of TBOX?
The picture says it all. Also carries over to Halloween with such costumes as Hannah “Zahn”tana, and the infamous “20-Cent” Patrick Kane alter ego costume for a Halloween Blackhawks game. 

Do you un-ironically embrace all things TBOX-related? Of course!
Honestly, if more people embraced anything that allowed them to let loose every once and a while, people would stop honking their damn horns on the expressway.

If a TBOX Virgin came up to you the day of TBOX, Lost, Confused, Disoriented, You Would…. }
Ask them if they knew where they were going next. My first year, someone asked me that, and thank god because I was walking in the wrong damn direction from the Cubby Bear. And for their ability to answer coherently I’d give them another sticker, you can never have enough stickers.

If you were in a burning building and could only save one person, you would save your
a)   Mother b) Father c) Child d) Dog e) Cat  f) Goldfish  g) Chris Festa H.
All of the above, Have you seen that Futurama episode where Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee, and saves everyone from the fire because he can move fast as light? Imagine that, only replace coffee with alcohol.

Do you pledge to know at all times how many days till TBOX it is?
The countdown app on my superphone reminds me any time I click on it. How did we live without these things?

Wire to Wire, Baby?
2 sets already, going for the hat trick this winter!


One of the tests put Chris up to, was that we asked him to take photos of himself holding a sign with how many days it was til TBOX. He succeeded and below are the pictures of Chris holding his TBOX Countdown signs!

tbox, bars, xmas, pub crawl, festa, twelve

tbox, bars, xmas, pub crawl, festa, twelve

tbox, bars, xmas, pub crawl, festa, twelve

tbox, bars, xmas, pub crawl, festa, twelve

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