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TBOX2011 Royal Court Application: Joe Koziol

I, Christopher “Mr. Festa” Festa, by the power vested in me by the official glory of TBOX, do hereby present our VERY FIRST NEW 2011 Royal Court Candidate, Joe Koziol!  From the looks of this application, he’s pretty darn solid!  Review his application, and let’s get this crazy kid 125 likes so he can officially take his place among Royalty at TBOX2011 on 12/10/11!

TBOX, 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl

Royalty? You Decide!

  1. Name / Nickname: Joe “Koz” Koziol; Spice K
  2. Hometown / College:
  3. Number of TBOX’s You’ve been to / First Year Attended:
    Prospect Heights, Illinois.  Indiana University
  4. 5, although my liver would say more like 15. It all started with what we now deem “The Original 6” that started TBOX for our group in 2006, we now have a group of over 40 people that come with us on TBOX.
  5. Why Do You Want to Be on The Royal Court, and Why Do You Deserve to Be on the Royal Court? (3-4 Sentences) Honestly every year I’ve been to TBOX each year has been better than the last and I think the only way it can be even more fun would for me to be on the Royal Court.  As far as deserving goes, I promote TBOX like I’m getting a cut of it from Mr. Festa himself–I don’t just talk about TBOX when it’s November it’s something that I bring up with new friends or friends from out of town all year, when they ask when they should come to Chicago my answer is always the same: TBOX WEEKEND.
  6. What Do You Like Most About TBOX? (2-3 Sentences)
    TBOX is like Halloween on Steroids, it’s a day where the beer flows like wine, you can dress and be as crazy as you want, and most importantly it’s a day of traditions: Starting the day with all my friends having breakfast and mimosas,  Having a margarita with my same college friend at Moe’s at 5 p.m. every TBOX, Yelling entirely too loud during the IU vs. UK Basketball game, gambling on Pop a Shot at Sluggers, having a conversation with a group of people I only see at TBOX every year, and screaming “WIRE TO WIRE” uncontrollably every year at the last bar.
  7. What Unique Talents and Personality Traits Would Make You an Outstanding Royal Court Member? (2-3 Sentences)
    I have a unique ability to start chants: I started a chant for my 6”8 friend Marty (dressed as a Santa) at TBOX 2008 and got the whole line chanting “MARTY” with me at Cubby Bear at the end of the night. In fact, things got so loud that the bouncer would not let me into the bar. I tried to tell him I needed to get in so I could get my wire, but he was unreceptive. Perhaps if I had been a royal court member he would have shown me more respect. I also like singing songs on top of tables that I shouldn’t be singing at TBOX (Kelly Clarkson- “Since you’ve been Gone,” a yearly tradition at Rockwood), and I have knack for starting dance parties entirely too early on TBOX (I’m talking 2nd bar of the day).
  8. What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cereal, and Why?
    Captain Crunch: Christmas Crunch.  It’s festive and Captain Crunch just seems like a guy I’d like to hang out with.
  9. Are You in a Committed, Monogamous Relationship?
    Absolutely not, my only commitment is that I’m going to give everything I’ve got to TBOX that day. And even if I was, TBOX might as well be Vegas….whatever happens during TBOX doesn’t count.
  10. If you met someone who had never been to TBOX, what would you say to convince them to come?
    Imagine being able to make out with someone just because you’re wearing a KISS ME I’m a TBOX Virgin Sticker, Imagine being 3 a.m. drunk at 3 p.m., Imagine being able to look out and see Wrigley Field while drinking a beer and see some drunk girl dressed as a Slutty Ms Santa Clause dancing on a table…all by 12 P.M. Now doesn’t that sound like something you might be interested in?
  11. Are you committed to dressing and acting crazy on the day of TBOX?
    Does a bear sh**t in the woods? I’ve worn Santa suits, ugly sweaters, crazy elf hats and pretty much everything you can imagine these past 5 years. At TBOX 2009 I stayed at Cubby Bear with a few others for Rock Candy’s performance after the TBOX festivities officially ended. At about 1:30 a.m. I looked around and realized we were pretty much the only other people who were there still wearing outrageous Xmas outfits. And we did not care.
  12. Do you un-ironically embrace all things TBOX-related?
    I’m not sure what this even means. Who came up with these questions?
  13. If a TBOX Virgin came up to you the day of TBOX, Lost, Confused, Disoriented, You Would….
    Offer them Cereal Shots, No one likes a TBOX Virgin who can’t hold their liquor and doesn’t make it wire to wire. (That was definitely my PG-13 rated answer).
  14. If you were in a burning building and could only save one person, you would save your: a) Mother b) Father c) Child d) Dog e) Cat  f) Goldfish  g) Chris Festa
    Father – I have DNA evidence that leads me to believe I am related to Mr. Festa so it’s possible answers b and g are one in the same.
  15. Do you pledge to know at all times how many days till TBOX it is?
    My year begins and ends with TBOX. Never been a fan of the overrated night known as NYE and in all honesty I have more fun on TBOX every year than I’ve had on any NYE I can remember… AND IT IS NOW 114 DAYS UNTIL TBOX!!!!!!
  16. Wire to Wire, Baby?
    Not only am I going Wire to Wire, I plan on being Last Man standing, just as I was in 2009. I have gone Wire to Wire and beyond every year except when I was not allowed to enter Cubby Bear…so instead we partied at Barleycorn that year.

Congrats to Our First 4 TBOX2011 Raffle Winners!

We <3 (Heart) People who buy their TBOX Tickets early…. and so far, just 40 hours into ticket sales, we are over 200 sold, and have drawn 4 winners from among the early buyers. Thanks first to donations of Gift Certificates from Johnny O’Hagan’s, Southport Lanes and Billiards, and Merkle’s, each of whom generously provided several $25 Gift Certificates!

Thursday 8/29 Drawing – Jason H and Justin W, were respectively drawn as winners of the Southport Lanes and Johnny O’Hagan’s #1 Certificate…

Friday 8/30 Drawing – Aaron C and Terrence M, were drawn for the 2nd Johnny O’Hagan’s and the first Merkle’s Certificates.

Thanks so much to these bars for providing these great prizes, and congrats to the winners — see you in 102 days!

Click Here to Buy YOUR TBOX Tickets NOW!!!

TBOX2011 is on Saturday, December 10, 2011!

TBOX2011 Participating Bar

Johnny O'Hagan's - Where We've Been Known to Lift a Pint or Two....

Merkle's - TBOX Participating Bar, 12 Bars of Xmas

Merkle's in Wrigleyville, A Longtime TBOX Participant!

Southport Lanes and Billiards / Festa Parties

Southport Lanes and Billiards - Where We Had a Blast at the 3-Legged Pub Crawl


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Welcome Jagermeister, Our Newest TBOX2011 Sponsor

Festa Parties would like to welcome JAGERMEISTER as our newest TBOX sponsor, and an official sponsor of TBOX2011, Festa’s 16th Annual Twelve Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl in Chicago. We are thrilled to welcome this ultra-popular spirit as an official TBOX sponsor, and we know all of our fans will be delighted to have Jagermeister specials at all participating TBOX Bars!  We’ll have much, much more information soon about this exciting new addition to TBOX2011!

Jagermeister - Sponsor of TBOX 2011


Thank You Miller Lite for 9 Years of Sponsoring TBOX!

Festa Parties thanks MILLER LITE for their 9th Year of Sponsoring TBOX, as the official beer sponsor of TBOX2011!  What started small back in 2003, has grown into a great partnership between Festa Parties and our very favorite beer in the world!  At TBOX, you can enjoy $3 Ice Cold Miller Lites all day and all night at all 36 participating bars.  Thanks again, we love you!

2011 TBOX - Miller Lite Logo - 12 Bars of Xmas

Thanks, Miller Lite!


The New TBOX2011 #1 – Big J

Congratulations to Big J, who, in a secret ceremony, was officially named the TBOX2011 “Number One” – the man who will wear Badge #00001!  Last week, 5 of us Royals, including Fuji, Fred, Tracey, and Joanna, went out to Downers Grove to his home.  Unbeknownst to him, but in cahoots with the Mrs., we set up a tent on his front lawn, had his wife call him outside, and he came to see a big tent sitting on his lawn.  Then, when he poked his head inside, we all JUMPED OUT and gave him his formal invitation to be the New #00001 for TBOX2011.  Last year’s #1, Tracey, graciously yielded the crown, following our tradition of naming a new Number 1 each year, and alternating male-female-male-female #1′s in alternate years. Not only did we ambush him from the tent, we then roasted Fiber One cereal over an open fire, made some S’Mores, and then, ugh, drove home from Downers Grove :)

A TBOX attendee since 1999, we congratulate and salute you!!!

For more information on The Royal Court and Being “Number One”, Click HereTo Buy TBOX2011 Tickets, Click Here.


TBOX – How We Got Here – The New, New Video!

Enjoy this 5 minute video montage that will tell you how TBOX became what it is today.  There WILL be a test at the end!

[flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/2011/08/TBOX-Web-Flash.flv /]

Festa Parties - TBOX 2011 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl


Just 17 Weeks Till TBOX!

… that’s 119 Days as of Saturday, August 13th… less than four months till the greatest crawl on earth!  Remember, stay tuned here for tickets going on sale on Monday, August 29th!

12 Bars of Xmas

TBOX2011 / 12 Bars of Xmas Logo



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